Oh what a parlous state we are in where all Australians should worry and start questioning why governments are never held accountable for their respective actions/decisions until election times when they get thrown out and then sit back on their huge separation packages.

Let’s for instance look at Victoria and wonder how the premier is still in charge after presiding over monumental mistakes which has included diverting hundreds of thousands of dollars in parliamentary staff salaries to Labor’s election campaign.

What about the East West Link when whilst in election mode the premier said that by cancelling the project there would be no payment required for the builders. How misleading can you be when Victorian taxpayers had to pay the builders in excess of $1billion.

The premier objected to the East West project saying that the business case did not stack up yet within 12 months commenced negotiations on a second major river crossing. Even the West Gate Tunnel was decided without any business case justification whatsoever.

Then we look at the hotel quarantine disaster where over 800 people lost their lives with no responsibility or accountability taken by the premier or his control cabinet of 8.

Victoria’s decision making during the Covid crisis has not only lacked accountability but also true political wisdom. They have imposed restrictions that were unnecessary. Compare Victoria’s crisis management with that of NSW which has handled multiple outbreaks, has taken over 3000 returned travelers from overseas each week compared to Victoria’s nothing. But NSW has shown what due process really is by weighing up the benefits of restrictions against the benefits of imposing them.

I also find it difficult not to mention some thoughts on this terrible situation of alleged sexual misconduct in Canberra. Let us also remember that this is certainly not unique to Canberra as it is very evident in all states and in business generally.

None of us can condone such actions and they must be stamped out through proper and due process. But we must have the proper and due process procedures in place in the first place.

The other extremely distasteful aspect of this whole situation is the politicizing these events by some people in politics. I can remember some years ago that the Labor party along with the ABC went public stating that a man should be innocent of sexual misconduct until proven guilty. This of course was when Bill Shorten was accused who was later acquitted.

Now we have double standards creeping in to politicize a very same problem within the Liberal party but this time it seems the man is presumed guilty until proven innocent? Labor is now suggesting that this time the man should be stood down. Where is the consistency of argument? Does this person, or anyone not deserve a presumption of innocence before he is named and shamed?

Yes, there is no doubt we are desperate for leaders who can set an example for everyone especially the next generations to aspire to and it must start with a federal politicians, business leaders, and state politicians.

Unfortunately Victoria is certainly not a leadership which could be held in high regard given that if these ministers were actually in the corporate world they would certainly be held accountable under the corporations act which would impose severe penalties for corporate mismanagement and abuse of fiduciary obligations under the act.