What really makes People Successful?

As I have said many times before, the products and processes may differ but the principles of management and achievement are all the same.

You may say, but we are different. This is a ‘Cop-Out’ statement which demonstrates that you are looking at management from the wrong perspective.

We can highlight manufacturing, engineering, retail, IT, sales, marketing or even a church, the principles of success are all the same. Most of all, a good manager just thinks, a great manager thinks strategically and doesn’t try and control results, he/she influences and encourages the thinking toward achievement.

Great managers look at their people to determine there differences and how weaknesses can be worked on to compliment their strengths and achieve sustainable results. In my view there is no great mystery as to why some people succeed and others fail. The successful manager or employee quite simple has developed a strategy to do the tasks unsuccessful people don’t do.

The success of improved efficiencies emanate from understanding peoples work habits and the reasons behind them. This is why I place a great deal of credence in working closely with the Human resource Manager and even insist upon basic psychological testing for employees.

Performance emanates from behavior and we must never ignore the basic factors which influence employees and them forming habits which could well be counterproductive.

Whilst I accept that no none has the definitive answers when it comes to achieving excellence in efficiencies and productivity, we should all be capable of identifying the root cause of why employees choose individual work habits and work closely with them in the necessary challenges of change which will collectively achieve the ultimate outcomes for everyone.

I have learned that the development of all employees is commitment that I needed to make to achieve best practice results and an improved quality of work life as a team.

Words alone will never change an employees perception of what and how a task needs to be done. The future I look to is one that will change the employees perception of self and helping them gain the confidence that they can and will succeed.

My philosophy has and always will be to make all employees a marketable asset to the business. Give them the opportunity to be involved in training. Multi-skill as many employees as possible and when they are proficient in three (3) different operations, recognise their efforts in the hourly rate.

Give every employee a future through purpose.


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