We are all facing challenges today for various reasons but unfortunately we have leaders who make our tasks even more difficult when these are the people we should be looking to for helping us.

Unfortunately, and through no fault of anyone apart from the Victorian government, we will see so may people not only losing their jobs, but business owners who have committed their hearts and souls, including life savings lose everything.

The mental stresses that are being felt through Victoria are enormous and we will continue to see a rise serious problems which this brings as a consequence.

When I continue to research the numbers associated with Victoria’s catastrophe, Australia’s GDP shrank by 7% and before Victoria’s debacle it was headed for 4-5%.

Victoria has been in lock-down for the September which alone crushed the economy which could amount to a staggering $12bn. Victoria contributed to about 3% off the September quarter GDP and national recovery.

These results are an absolute failure on behalf of the Victorian cabinet and the backbencher’s who gave the numbers in parliament to force a extension of the premiers powers.

The outcome of all of this thus far is that the 7% drop in the economy (GDP) was the biggest ever recorded in the 75 years since the end of WW11 and to think that Victoria will follow this 7% with an even more disastrous 10% further fall. This means that the September quarter for Victoria will be around 85% of the size it was in the March quarter

Finally, to now think that the 6.5 million Victorians could well face a situation where there is very little relief through the yet to come December quarter.

How sad this is not only for Victorians but for what it has done for the entire nation.