The Importance of Company Values

In all of my global travels and how I have structured my approach to making a business successful, you need breakthrough initiatives. Initiatives which are innovative but well thought out strategically.

Every breakthrough company started with well communicated company values. I have always made the company values a high and critical success factor with each employee provided with a pocket size card stating these values and what they will do to support a sustainable future.

Now each company will have their own unique approach to articulating values. These may include how they control cash flow, how they communicate with employees, clients, suppliers and the community. But your value list must make your company an enjoyable place for all employees to work.

History always tells me that employees will perform better when they are treated fairly and consistently. They must always feel an integral part of the decision making process which will make them feel a great sense of ownership in the business.

My success in business has always been predicated on believing what employees can do if given the right opportunities. I turned attitude into aptitude through offering training to all employees who wished to gain additional skills. But it doesn’t stop there. When an employee becomes proficient and efficient at three (3) different value adding tasks, I paid them for the skills acquired.

I believe a company’s view of their employees is a powerful reflection of it’s organisational character. I believed in the potential of employees to do greater things than they were first employed to do. That they were in fact future leadership candidates because they can rise to any occasion.

Believing in my employees at all levels of the organisation being able to reach competent leadership potential helped the team grow the company by around 400% over five (5) years.

I found that my employees flourished when the management team put enormous faith, authority and accountability into their hands. That we as a management team trusted employees. Performances improved to world best practice levels when clear goals were provided and reinforced with continuous feedback.

To be a breakthrough best practice business, the team will always pride themselves on finding ways to cut costs, improve safety and quality.

I have always made an unwritten law for everyone to follow in any expense or decision making process. If whatever you suggest does not add value/improve safety, quality and efficiency, then perhaps the change is not worthwhile?

The question every CEO must ask is this: If we are lean, flexible, customer focussed and at best practice levels, how do we sustain these advantages and build on them as we grow?

We must never be satisfied with the status quo or lose faith in the Australian capability to compete with the best in the world.

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