Some more Important Facts

In recent days we have seen an uprising of protests in regards to BLM but do we all really know some of the facts behind what some of these people stand for and what they hope to believe?

I am totally for equality of colour, creed, and religion, however I attempt to balance my views on what the purpose is causing so much disruption to our daily lives because of a misdirected purpose.

In my attempts to reach decisions that are balanced I research what experts are saying and I would like to again try and put this whole BLM scenario in a true and positive perspective.

We must also be aware that there is a radical left that will classify themselves with names that nobody can disagree with. But here are some facts which we all need to know which is based on my research:

  • BLM is actually a marxist group with set political goals focused on dismantling capitalism, eliminating funding for police, and disrupting our western family structure
  • BLM are anti police and anti capitalist and will pervade the likes of our AFL and other organisations that have embraced divisive race politics
  • BLM and their co-founders have identified as Marxists and have made it clear about their ideological motivations and goals
  • A BLM co-founder has even labelled the police as the most single terrorist organisation
  • Another co-founder has self identified as a marxist and has an extensive history of disruptive behaviour of anti capitalist activism
  • Another co-founder who is concerned about police brutality yet gets close to Venezuelen dictator Nicolas Maduro who actually leads a regime with the worlds most murderous police force and responsible for the highest rates of killings by law enforcement officers

Apart from all of these researched facts, and BLM’s extremist agenda and hypocricy, we have some elements of our media, celebrities and even politicians who espouse they are purely about racism.

Now I hear about one of BLM’s leading activists advocating for the destruction of Jesus and the Virgin Mary.

I would have thought that this ideology would have turned more people against what BLM stands for and even damage any good that may come from the federal governments reconciliation plans?

We need unity in Australia not anarchy which this organisation is spreading.

We need bi-partisanship in Australian politics and not whatever they say we will oppose.

The government didn’t cause the pandemic, the bushfires, or the worlds economic freefall, Australia is facing tough times. However, when I see and hear some sectors of government trying to score brownie points from these challenges, who would ever want them as leaders of our great country?

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