Business Turnaround Solutions


Defining the vision and how to get there

The best strategies start with a deep understanding of a company’s strategic foundation and end with a clear plan for mobilising and delivering results. In Australia, our work covers the whole capability—business unit strategy, corporate strategy, profit from the core, innovation, emerging markets, sustainability, winning in a downturn as well as the organisation effectiveness.


Transforming companies into efficient and effective organisations

An effective organisation is at the heart of successful execution. So the majority of our work touches on organisational issues required for successful implementation. Our expertise includes decision effectiveness, the role of the key stakeholders, shared services, management processes/strategy development, leadership supply, measures & incentives, performance culture, leadership & alignment and change management.

Performance improvement

Ensuring excellence in operations

Every CEO/ general manager today is expected by his or her key stakeholders to achieve new breakthroughs in performance—and fast. Our expertise covers supply chain management, continuous improvement programmes, human resource management, cash flow, budgeting & capital management, purchasing, manufacturing, service operations, capability sourcing and business process redesign.

Delivering Sustainable Results

Translating business ideas into real, tangible impact

At Red Global Solutions, we instill the ‘Delivery of Results’ disciplines into every operational area of the business. However, sometimes implementation and change management are the client’s biggest issue, and as such can be the primary focus of our assignment. All organisations need to embrace change to deliver results. However, driving real change into complex and often recalcitrant organisations is one of the hardest tricks in business. At Red Global we accept that this may require a major part of our initial assignment. All organisations need to embrace change to deliver results. However, driving real change into complex organisations can be difficult. At Red Global Solutions, we accept that this may require a major part of our initial assignment.

Performance improvement

Turnaround Consulting

In today’s volatile market place most business owners have sacrificed a lot for their respective companies and are fully aware of the many challenges exacerbated by the economy. Given this challenging scenario, it is still possible to successfully complete a financial turnaround providing, as CEO, you are prepared to accept that many aspects of the business must change. There will be salient areas that need immediate attention to turn the business around. A few of these can be identified if management has experienced:

  • Working long/excessive hours
  • Borrowed heavily
  • Missing the important balance of work/family life
  • Have not met statutory payment commitments
  • Are experiencing a high employee turnover rate
  • Have high absenteeism
  • Have a poor safety record
  • Have a high customer return quality issue