When I look at the waste and mismanagement of politicians who should be and must be setting examples for the generations to come, I shudder to see what legacies we are leaving for them to struggle with.

The decisions being made, and have been made by government over the past five (5) years must make economists, parents and business leaders absolutely shudder.

Let me also outline some of the broken financial and budget promises which have been made and you can then be the judge. Whatever you may think, there has been absolutely no accountability whatsoever by the current ministers who won’t be in power to answer for their dumb decisions and pathetic management.

I will omit the huge waste of monies spent on the hotel quarantine inquiry which was ludicrous and unprofessional in every aspect. The government treated all Victorians like dills, however, even their most prolific supporters must be wanting answers to this debacle.

Let us now look at other examples of pathetic government leadership:

  • East West Link – Well over $1b compensation was paid to scrap the much-needed project all because of stupid politics. This is certainly no way to manage a state where this money could have built another world class hospital
  • Major Projects Victoria engaged 5 contractors with a pay packet of $1.5m after an audit report questioned their hiring and pay levels. And MPV engagement of contractors still seems to have the same problems

Broken promises are also a feature of this mismanagement

  • The 4km duplication of the Barwon Heads road for $318m only received $400k in the 2019/20 budget with no further funds allocated in future years
  • The establishment of 2 grassland reserves between Werribee and Melton by 2020 to offset the clearing of habitat for new suburbs did not eventuate
  • The abandonment by the government to complete the full upgrade and standardisation of the Murray Basin Rail network after blowing the project’s original budget of $440m left farmers and food exporters feeling betrayed
  • Then there was the claim by the government that the CFA would become a volunteer service only. Then we find that it is to be run by 229 United Firefighters Union assistant chiefs and commanders
  • Then the government committed to take $2.3b over 4 years from the TAC, VMIA and Worksafe combined, however it has been revealed the government is raiding these 3 entities for over $4b

The government is always complaining that it needs more infrastructure funding from Canberra which the federal government has agreed to support on the proviso that:

  • The government needs to get on with the funding it has already been allocated but is dragging its feet on putting the money to work
  • Since 2016 the federal government has committed $3b to support 48 infrastructure projects across Melbourne and regional Victoria – Of these 48 projects, only 3 have been completed and only 10 are under construction

The Victorian government continues to make factually incorrect statements about the share of commonwealth infrastructure funding allocated to them i.e. They quote a share of 9.4% when the real figure of allocation is around 20%.

It certainly appears that the government is holding up crucial projects as a political point scoring exercise.

This Victorian government has been politicising infrastructure since being elected as was evident by the scrapping of the East West Link.

The infrastructure minister has presided over every major project which is massively over budget and years behind time. And who pays, we do and our children after that.

This same minister is also providing Victoria with incorrect information during the states response to the pandemic she has had her advice overturned within 24 hours. It appears getting things wrong by this minister is quite common.

Victoria has had 820 deaths from Covid-19 in a total of 893 for Australia. Victoria has been responsible for 91.8% of the Covid-19 deaths around Australia.

It’s time all Victorians stood up and called for a Royal Commission into the general management and governance of this government where those who need to be are held to account and punished accordingly.