Opportunities for a License of World Class Technology


 I have been assisting an Australian company with world class automotive products over the last twelve (12) months and have recognised the potential for partnership/licensing opportunities for companies to be an integral part of the universal growth potential with both products and technology.

Cyco Systems Corporation Pty Ltd is poised to consider Joint Venture/Licensing agreement opportunities with other companies looking to complement their product range and join in an already successful export achievement and create substantial employment opportunities for both Victoria and Australia.

With the impending closure of many manufacturing companies in Australia, losing around 200,000 positions,  CSC has adopted best practice innovation which has seen their export sales grow by 47% over the past financial year. This JV agreement will further boost these numbers to well above this on a sustainable basis.

CSC high performance automotive products are leading the world, and along with the planned introduction of additional products and services with a partner company, believes this to be a catalyst for massive growth.

The USA market alone is poised to produce around 17 million vehicles this year, which opens even more developmental opportunities for Australian companies to compensate for losses being experienced in the manufacturing downturn.

The pioneering spirit that saw Graham Withers establish his automotive torsional vibration damper manufacturing business in 1982 set him up to lead the way as the country’s first commercial operation and has set it to stand apart from all competition. Grahams vision was to focus on a restructuring programme that sharpens focus and maximises local and international business opportunities.

The new look CSC – is an assembly of technologically advanced products, processes and people committed to developing, manufacturing and supplying specialised automotive components to the performance markets both nationally and internationally.

The CSC vision is to deliver world-class capabilities across development, manufacturing and supply of their specialised product range and has become a sought after supplier of superior products known for their performance characteristics and value for money pricing structure.

Graham has also invested heavily in R&D with the key focus of this business unit (Cyco-Tech) being to employ new technologies such as the development of new aluminium ceramic metal matrix composites under the patented trademark of ‘ULTALITE’.

The major potential high volume application of aluminium MMC’s lightweight automotive components, is seen as a replacement where regular aluminium does not have the strength or wear resistance to replace traditional cast iron components. The main component area where this applies is brake drums, rotors, connecting rods, and brake callipers. Severe high temperature service conditions means that practically all such parts are still manufactured from cast iron.

The more work that CTC generates, more employment prospects are offered to Victoria. As a proud Victorian company, the generation of employment is extremely satisfying, but most pleasing is that CTC is just at the dawn of a whole range of exciting ventures that will continue to create jobs and contribute to the economy for years to come.

Could I suggest any interested parties visit www.pro-race.com and www.ultalite.com for any further information.


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