Sharpen the Perspective of your Business Thinking

A common dilemma in many businesses I assist with turnaround strategies is the myriad of challenges associated with our volatile and uncertain economic climate. But I see this as a marvellous opportunity to stay ahead of competition. To sharpen the overall perspective of the business plan and organisation to ensure management and controls are totally [...]

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Objectives for Business & Personal Success

In my many years of assessing business operations a common problem I have found is that many people have never taken the time to think about what they want from their business or in fact their own lives. They typically live one day at a time both personally and professionally. Unfortunately as a leader, people [...]

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Be a Champion of Innovation & Creativity

We are living in an age of change where continuous and uncertain challenges will face us every day. An important strategy to succeed and overcome challenge is to not fear it but respect it through a belief that winning is not only attainable but sustainable. Because there is a need to know more than ever [...]

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Strategic Leadership – An Absolute Must

Strategic managers are more effective because they are more concerned with effectiveness of performance than efficiency. They really need to be inspirational leaders in addition to being managers. Managers can be disciplined planners and work out who should do what, how it should be done and what resources are necessary. Leaders however, create a vision [...]

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Regaining Lost Competitiveness

I have certainly learnt over the years both personally and through business experience around the world that companies can’t regain lost competitiveness by just costs. To rely on incremental cost cutting to be competitive will ultimately lead to an unsustainable future for a business. In reality, by strategizing to just mechanically eliminate chunks of the [...]

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Improve Business Efficiency

My experience and success in turning a business around to be totally efficient and to ensure people and asset utilisation is at 100% is to first obtain the employees explicit understanding of and commitment to the idea that productivity improvement is mutually beneficial. I placed paramount importance on best practice industrial engineering where standards were established [...]

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Learn from Great Leaders

I was saddened with the recent death of Malcolm Fraser, a great statesman and political giant who transformed Australia's commitment to human rights around the world. I was also saddened to hear of the passing of Asia's great statesman and visionary, Lee Kuan Yew. Some time ago I read the book about this great man, [...]

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Return to Profit through Strategy & Action

Profit Requires Strategy & Action Successful managers in commercial and industrial enterprises are profit minded and people driven. But it is really the profit-minded and team oriented manager who are best placed to move forward on a sustainable trajectory. Embedded in this journey is also an absence of self absorbed greed or love of money [...]

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Invest in your Employees

I have always made the investment in people the main focus of my business as they determine success or otherwise. At a time when industry is finding it increasingly difficult to attract and retain talent, investing in current employees is not only wise but strategically critical. In determining development strategies, there needs to be a [...]

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Don’t have a lack of Business Foresight

Using my experience to turn businesses around and achieve ultimate success, I call on the question of 'Why do Organisations Fail'. The answer is they mainly fail because they do not motivate and/or develop employees with the necessary skills to perform their functions and keep their development in pace with growth demands. There can be [...]

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