What does the ‘Future’ really look like?

After somewhat of an absence from my regular posts I have been stirred into sharing some pertinent thoughts about what the 'Future' will look like and what business will need to do so that they keep in front of overseas opposition. There is no doubt that after spending an inordinate amount of time in Asia/China, [...]

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Vision for Change

As we prepare to enter the new fiscal period it is essential to review current operational results whether you are experiencing a loss, breaking even, or making an acceptable profit, a critical part of the review process must include an accepted 'Vision for Change' Michelangelo stated, 'The greatest danger for most of us is not [...]

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Why Source from China?

WHY SOURCE OFF-SHORE? We need to respect China But Not be intimidated by China!!   FOR EXAMPLE   Costing comparisons between China and / or India and Australia will be cheaper, but, how much cheaper?   CURRENT COST (China) REALITY COST (China) Quoted Piece Price Freight (slow) Additional Inventory Carry Cost Safety Stock for Uninterrupted [...]

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Cost Reduction for your Business

One of my continuing successes in business coupled with my passion for Australian industry and their ability to compete on the world stage is the ability to assess operational aspects including costing with a view to lower cost to the market place but still improve profit, growth and sustainability. A great many of the businesses [...]

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Best Practice Sourcing

To all Pro-Active CEO’s & Purchasing Executives I was privileged to tour a successful 50-year engineering, product research and development, manufacturing and distribution business in Victoria which currently manufactures products for the Australian and New Zealand markets. This company stands equal to any I have seen around the world and it would serve other Australian [...]

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The importance of Budgets & Financial Controls

Over the years I have conducted many due-diligence projects for a wide variety of businesses and there seems to be a common thread among senior executives with comments such as: 'Our business is growing in sales with the outlook of this growth to continue. What I can't understand is why we struggle for cash flow?' [...]

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Getting the Competitive Edge

Over the years I have continued to venture back to proven management techniques which provide and underpin growth and profit improvements for a wide range of businesses both for the national and international market places. Management by Objectives has proven itself the most effective management technique over the decades and is still paramount for achieving [...]

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Establishing a future for your Business

When I have been commissioned to assist a business attain growth and profit there are definite principles and initiatives which I cover in an initial due-diligence which to me are non-negotiable. This approach is the same for any business as although the products and processes may differ, the principles of success/management are all the same. [...]

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Accomplishing Growth & Profit

As a follow on from my last post I thought it important to reinforce the use of a mentor in the business, someone who is able to assist with the strategic, ideas development and direction including assisting in turning these ideas into reality. One of the most critical elements of creating the framework of a [...]

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Drive Positive Change & Mitigate Risk

The business climate today points to an increasingly challenging market environment, and depending on how you manage this will determine how performance can be significantly affected either for the better or the worse. The challenge of meeting increasing costs, quality of services, statutory regulations, and customer demands against a background of increased competition from both [...]

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