Business Integrity

One of the most confronting aspects of business in today’s challenging and volatile marketplaces is the increasing demands of bureaucracy and the frustrations this can cause to board expectations of acceptable returns on investment. Many business owners today will say that bureaucracy simply gets in the way of enterprise development which indirectly tests executives relative [...]

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Your Strategic Business Plan must include Technology

There is no doubt that the powers of technology has presented incredible opportunities to more than compete on the world stage. This coupled with Australia’s ability to innovate and make the most of our low volumes has really set a springboard for great optimism of success for those working with an effective ‘Strategic Business Plan’. [...]

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Strategise or Die – The Future of your Business is in your Hands

I have found that in developing Strategic Business Plans, it is critical to incorporate the concerns and requirements of customers, suppliers, and other key stakeholders. An important role of leadership is to constantly monitor these key stakeholders to obtain and update information about their changing requirements and expectations. This information will enable your business to [...]

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Make 2018 the time to Re-Set Goals

Time to set Goals Having a set of long term goals is an essential part of both personal and business development. But this will hardly do much to define what you should do today and tomorrow. You need a system of strategies which define tasks you need to spend most time on and those to [...]

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Businesses Fail through Poor Management

Businesses fail because managers fail and sadly there will be many operations which eventually succumb to bankruptcy. There are those that remain solvent but are unable to realise a profit sufficient to make a continuation of business worthwhile. And then there are those businesses which fall well short of their full potential. Failure to reach [...]

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Leadership When I look back over the years and consider the more successful companies I have been associated with, particularly those who have been pro-active in securing a future, there has been a strong controlling influence. Leadership over management. Managers are usually good at controlling the tasks their employees perform and how they go about [...]

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Business Success is Attainable

In business today, success will come from companies that are flexible, adaptive, innovative, responsive and who have invested in highly skilling their workforce. They will be focussed on and know their customer needs and the needs of the potential market the can service. I also believe they would invest time in developing productive links with [...]

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A Powerful case for Change & Best Practice Management

A Powerful Case for Change and Best Practice Management There is an imperative and powerful case for change so that business can confront the volatile and demanding market prerequisite’s for sustainable success. Strategic Change Is integral to and focussed on the organisations strategic plan Leads to high performance, dramatically improved results with measurable differences Is [...]

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Let Strategic Management Secure Your Future

There is still an urgent need for businesses to be strategised and rebuilt around coherent business processes. To accomplish this, consideration still needs to be given to 're-engineering'. Even the most successful companies need to embrace and apply the principles of re-engineering or they will be overshadowed by those who do. Business re-engineering simply means [...]

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Make Managing Success Sustainable

In the process of developing operational business improvement/turnaround strategies it is critical that all options be carefully identified and evaluated. I guard against placing forward plans in a strategic straightjacket and pursuing the same strategies that have always pursued rather than stepping back, taking a fresh look at the strategic options available and adopting a [...]

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