Drive Positive Change & Mitigate Risk

The business climate today points to an increasingly challenging market environment, and depending on how you manage this will determine how performance can be significantly affected either for the better or the worse. The challenge of meeting increasing costs, quality of services, statutory regulations, and customer demands against a background of increased competition from both [...]

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What really makes People Successful?

As I have said many times before, the products and processes may differ but the principles of management and achievement are all the same. You may say, but we are different. This is a 'Cop-Out' statement which demonstrates that you are looking at management from the wrong perspective. We can highlight manufacturing, engineering, retail, IT, [...]

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Governance covers All Business Entities

There are really no exclusions from applying good corporate governance as everyone has a duty to comply with the corporations act. Corporate Governance is all about leadership ensuring that the organisation acts in a legal and ethical manner. Particular emphasis should be directed to the financial management of day to day business and that solvency [...]

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Adapting to Technology

Let us all look at what technology advances can do in supporting a business no matter what the underlying product and/or processes are. I have espoused for many years now that it does not matter what business you control, whether it be a manufacturing/engineering, retail, church, small, medium or large, the products and processes may [...]

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Turning a Business around

As someone who has specialised in assessing businesses and turning them around, my experience has provided unique insights on why businesses fail or simply stagnate. Through many years of operation and many differing types of businesses there is one aspect which cannot be ignored when people say, 'but my business is different'. My simple answer [...]

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Management of your Business

How ironic it is that I find so many managers today who have really not been at the coal face and made things happen to attain sustainable growth through the development of their greatest resource. PEOPLE. My policy was to always make every employee who desired to make a contribution into marketable company assets. That [...]

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Business Integrity

One of the most confronting aspects of business in today’s challenging and volatile marketplaces is the increasing demands of bureaucracy and the frustrations this can cause to board expectations of acceptable returns on investment. Many business owners today will say that bureaucracy simply gets in the way of enterprise development which indirectly tests executives relative [...]

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Your Strategic Business Plan must include Technology

There is no doubt that the powers of technology has presented incredible opportunities to more than compete on the world stage. This coupled with Australia’s ability to innovate and make the most of our low volumes has really set a springboard for great optimism of success for those working with an effective ‘Strategic Business Plan’. [...]

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Strategise or Die – The Future of your Business is in your Hands

I have found that in developing Strategic Business Plans, it is critical to incorporate the concerns and requirements of customers, suppliers, and other key stakeholders. An important role of leadership is to constantly monitor these key stakeholders to obtain and update information about their changing requirements and expectations. This information will enable your business to [...]

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Make 2018 the time to Re-Set Goals

Time to set Goals Having a set of long term goals is an essential part of both personal and business development. But this will hardly do much to define what you should do today and tomorrow. You need a system of strategies which define tasks you need to spend most time on and those to [...]

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