Victoria’s Lockdown = Australia’s Dilemma

We are all facing challenges today for various reasons but unfortunately we have leaders who make our tasks even more difficult when these are the people we should be looking to for helping us. Unfortunately, and through no fault of anyone apart from the Victorian government, we will see so may people not only losing [...]

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Indigenous Heroes

After hearing so much about the furor over the Aboriginal flag and having a close connection with a number of indigenous football players and their families, I needed to do some research regarding the refusal to display the flag during the Sir Douglas Nichols round of footy fixtures. Here are some points relative to this [...]

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Incompetent Management = Disaster

In the process of assisting many struggling businesses grow and profit during this terrible challenge we are traversing, there have been some really telling statements by industry and business heavyweights which I need to share. In particular I want to use the some pointed observations and it all comes down to abysmal government management. These [...]

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What incompetent Management can do

With the current and latest debacle surrounding the 6 week lock-down of Victoria, there will be many businesses lost and many more people permanently displaced from employment. How Victoria comes back from this now is almost an impossible task given that the same people who mis-managed the situation and caused this dilemma are still calling [...]

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Some more Important Facts

In recent days we have seen an uprising of protests in regards to BLM but do we all really know some of the facts behind what some of these people stand for and what they hope to believe? I am totally for equality of colour, creed, and religion, however I attempt to balance my views [...]

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Knowing the Facts (2)

As an extension to my previous posts and in total support of reconciliation and Australian fairness for all colours and creeds, we also need to know the facts about all of what we support and totally eliminate radicalization of real truths including socialistic approaches to our great way of life. I researching further I have [...]

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Let’s bring off-shore sourcing back to Australia

As someone who has traveled the globe extensively seeking our best practice, lean methodologies, licensing and technology agreements, I have recently visited a Victorian engineering business who can not only compete but excel against any of the overseas and/or local competition. In seeking to bring overseas sourced products and /or processes back to Australia, I [...]

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It was about time I got the facts on reconciliation.

Since we received a great message from our Senior Pastor regarding reconciliation and accepting people no matter what nationality or Creed, and as a result of the mob protest on the weekend, I needed to know some solid researched facts about the racism that is used as a catalyst for illegal protests. In the research, [...]

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Plan your Business out of Recession

Now is the time to ensure you have strategic preparation plans to safely and progressively get you through the other-side of this predicted recession that will surely test us all. Business should now look at preparations and include a need to challenge the once conventional wisdom that has successfully brought us through these gigantic challenges [...]

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The Chaos of 2020 and Beyond

The 2020/21 fiscal period and beyond is not only going to be challenging, it will determine the success or otherwise of the business you are managing and if sustainability is possible? The corona-virus challenge for any business will command that marketing is looked at differently and will force you to scrutinise the products and processes [...]

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