Why do Leaders Fail?

Businesses fail because their respective leaders and/or managers fail. Sadly there are many thousands of businesses which succumb via a bankruptcy or insolvency route simply because of a few basic but yet simple causes depending on the specific nature of the enterprise. No business or enterprise is immune from these failures and as I have [...]

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Communication – An Essential Business Requirement

As a manager you have a prime responsibility to achieve results through people, and yet, however sound your ideas or well reasoned your decisions may be they will only be effective if they are transmitted correctly and succinctly resulting in the desired outcomes which are 'value-adding' to all parties. Communication is one of your most [...]

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Make 2020 a year to Transform the Business

Let Cost reduction and Cost avoidance be vital strategies which are incorporated into a successful business plan for 2020 and beyond. No matter what your business is or what it deals in, the principles for success are all the same. There is no such premise as 'But we are Different' - This approach is just [...]

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Cash-flow Management for 2020 & Beyond

How to manage your day-to-day cash flow Do not attempt to grow your business out of cash flow Forget profits and turnover: cash flow is the lifeblood of any business. It's important to keep in the black. Learning this early on will put you and your business venture in good standing for the future and [...]

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Reviving Australia’s Economy

Reviving Australia’s Economy From a business perspective everyone needs to look for a progressive revival of Australia’s economy and not be self-interested in the ‘what’s in it for me’ syndrome. I believe the governments focus on a budget surplus is correct, however there needs to be strategic intent by including plans for overall tax reform [...]

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Upgrade your Security over Christmas

UPGRADE YOUR SECURITY Just recently I have had the privilege to visit some best practice companies throughout Australia and there are several which stand out from the rest and which I can highly recommend you consider. One such business is Gates Galore – There’s actually a revolution underway at Gates Galore where demand for [...]

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The Importance of Budgeting

As business owners/managers it will be so important to now ensure you are looking at the preparation of a 2020/21 fiscal year budget and in doing so you would be consolidating the current 2019/20 performance which will then set the scene for going forward. Budgeting can be a daunting activity however a budget is the [...]

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Growth is Paramount in 2020 and beyond

Sustainable and profitable growth must your strategic intent heading into 2020 and the new 2020/21 fiscal period. I am listing some of the strategic areas where I believe you need to focus which are based on hard experience over the years but are still very relevant for sound budgetary and operational controls. Give existing and [...]

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Taking the Stress out of Business Growth

Every business seeks to grow and set themselves apart from competition and/or to become an attractive asset for someone to purchase. There are some fundamental lessons to take on board relative to growth and how to establish these as part of the strategic business plan and/or succession plan. The biggest and most important lesson to [...]

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Business can be your Success

Business is a Journey to reach your ultimate Destination Why would I make a title such as this? Simply because even at this stage of my life I am still learning and adding to my history a huge business success in amongst the losses. I have never looked at my failures as total losses because [...]

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