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Beat the Pandemic and Turn your Business Around.

Red Global Solutions (RGS) has been buoyed by the success stories we have been able to produce with businesses struggling to attain some normalcy to revenue and income due to the challenges and restraints of the pandemic. This situation has also been mad much more...

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It won’t be too much longer before China will put an edict out to cease all trade with Australia which will mean that all businesses now sourcing from the CCP will need to feverously commence negotiations with alternative suppliers and preferably Australian suppliers....

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Business Failures

In my experience managing and consulting to multi nationals, businesses usually fail because managers fail. This may be because of bankruptcy, some closed still solvent but unable to make an income (profit). Some businesses fall short of their true potential and...

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Structuring an Effective Board

Back in 2017 I gave a presentation on 'Structuring an Effective Board' which covered important aspects to ensure that boards do not become dysfunctional and lead to a disaster for shareholders, executives, clients, and employees. If a board is in turmoil or...

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Business Success is Available

Many businesses are finding it difficult to forecast the next month let alone the next 6 to 12 months or further out. This is an environment which requires executives with extensive achievement, mental toughness and an adaptability to operate through experience borne...

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