Plan your Business out of Recession

Now is the time to ensure you have strategic preparation plans to safely and progressively get you through the other-side of this predicted recession that will surely test us all. Business should now look at preparations and include a need to challenge the once conventional wisdom that has successfully brought us through these gigantic challenges [...]

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The Chaos of 2020 and Beyond

The 2020/21 fiscal period and beyond is not only going to be challenging, it will determine the success or otherwise of the business you are managing and if sustainability is possible? The corona-virus challenge for any business will command that marketing is looked at differently and will force you to scrutinise the products and processes [...]

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Planning for 20/21 Fiscal Year

As we all enter the unknown for a 20/21 fiscal year and our requirements to establish a budget and new strategic business plan, it is still an essential requirement that even through uncertainties surrounding this coronavirus we must plan through using as many assumptions as possible to include risk mitigation. Yes I know this will [...]

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Intelligent Leadership

There is plenty of evidence around today that would suggest our confidence in political leadership is diminishing where we could even argue that our democratic process could well be threatened. We could also argue that confidence in morals and the capability of business leadership is also diminishing? Maybe there is some element of truth in [...]

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As we all traverse through this extremely challenging dilemma we are all capable of getting through this scenario if we encourage each other and put away the constant criticism that is leveled at those who have put their lives on hold to get Australia back to what we are best at. INNOVATION & BREAKTHROUGH. When [...]

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Strategise for Revenue

As Australia and indeed the world enters an extremely challenging time, the strategies which businesses put into place now will determine their survival against mammoth odds associated with potential recessionary pressures which most have never experienced before. Now, more than ever, is the time to 'Strategise for Revenue' Businesses must now realise that Revenue is [...]

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Business and the importance of Finance

To manage a successful business cash is the life-blood it needs if it wants to keep operating and there are so many instances of companies failing because they ran out of cash. Some of the many reasons I hear of failures due to cash shortfalls have been: Bills to pay and no cash to pay [...]

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Managerial Leverage

We must ask ourselves 'What is managerial output? In reality, a managers output can only be measured by the performance of his subordinates. As a business consultant skilled in business development and improvement my approach consistently generates a capacity within organisations to achieve and maintain high levels of competitiveness in a global context. This approach [...]

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Improving the Quality of Work Life

In today's rough and tough business world and our (Australia's) ability to compete on the world stage, one important aspect of struggling businesses that I have experienced is that they have lost a focus on enhancing all employees quality of work life. Can I also say that one of the main reasons for this is [...]

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Why do Leaders Fail?

Businesses fail because their respective leaders and/or managers fail. Sadly there are many thousands of businesses which succumb via a bankruptcy or insolvency route simply because of a few basic but yet simple causes depending on the specific nature of the enterprise. No business or enterprise is immune from these failures and as I have [...]

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