New Opportunities

After another twelve (12) month assignment which has realised significant gains in operational performances I am now in a position to look at other opportunities where my experience can assist a committed business to grow in sales and profit on a sustainable basis.

My simple but effective approach to working alongside incumbent management and teams has been able to apply a basic due-diligence where together we develop improvement strategies and the turn those strategies into reality. Moving how the business should move forward through a structured time apart from the normal flow of business would be based on a thorough analysis of the current operational position and available options for developing sustainable growth and profit.

After spending a great deal of time overseas and studying best practice in a wide range of industries, I have been able to adapt improvement principles to businesses with the same success. Businesses that thought there was no future and were struggling with cash flow. These are not unique problems which are generally fixable though independent review.

Red Global Solutions specialises in providing ‘Turnaround’ management and performance improvement support services to all industries seeking to regain operational momentum.


The business environment today is more challenging than ever with a market place that is volatile and unpredictable.

                     WHAT CAN YOU DO?

        Invest in Best Practice ‘Turnaround’ strategies

Red Global Solutions has years of insight and experience in the processes which underpin ‘Turnaround’ management success:

  • Rapid and accurate assessment of short term survivability and longer term ‘Turnaround’ sustainability
  • Formulation of ‘Turnaround’ strategies based on ‘Best Practice’ & ‘Lean’
    1. Organisation
    2. Leadership
    3. Revenue growth
    4. Cost reduction/avoidance
    5. Asset rationalisation

PURPOSE:     Focus on strategic direction and specific ‘Turnaround’ initiatives


OBJECTIVE:  Mobilise the business in support of the PURPOSE including the appropriate building of positive support from all key stakeholders

Red Global Solutions goal of a ‘Turnaround’ strategy is to return an under performing or distressed business to acceptable and sustainable levels of liquidity, solvency, profitability, and positive cash flow:

Red Global Solutions has a passion and belief in Australian business capabilities to more than compete with the world providing they get all of their basic strategies in place. Accordingly, our pricing structure is much less than others who profess to know what is needed but have not actually been responsible for making it happen.

RGS has been there and done that and is able to relate to people through personal experience and success.

Could I encourage you to at least contact me personally for a no-obligation meeting to ascertain the potential which may be looking you in the face.

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