As we manage our way through this terrible Covid-19 pandemic and do all that we can to develop sustainable growth and profit for our business investments, I am extremely worried by some statistics which have just been released which indicates that for February alone in Victoria there were 50 companies put into liquidation and 7 into administration.

There have also been other businesses which have re-opened but unable to return to profit following a dramatic decline in revenue (Sales).

During this period, My consultancy has been able to alleviate this dilemma with a number of businesses which have benefited from my extensive corporate experience.

I am an authority on business optimization and strategic business plan development which unlocks the potential competitive advantage which may be lying hidden within your business.

Red Global Solutions (RGS)is an accomplished business turnaround which specializes in assessing and strategizing breakthrough initiatives in all operational and organisational aspects of the business.

RGS operates on the basis of a realistic fee structure not like the approach from academic consultancies who charge around $250-$350/hour. RGS is half of this and comes up with manageable plans, responsibilities and accountabilities through personal experience and success.

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