Let’s bring off-shore sourcing back to Australia

As someone who has traveled the globe extensively seeking our best practice, lean methodologies, licensing and technology agreements, I have recently visited a Victorian engineering business who can not only compete but excel against any of the overseas and/or local competition.

In seeking to bring overseas sourced products and /or processes back to Australia, I would highly recommend contacting ‘Metal Form Group’ (MFG) in Knoxfield who have a full and complete range of capabilities to service either the small or large projects.

I, along with my internationally accredited business did achieve ‘Best Practice’ under the federal governments bets practice program where we received $500,000 and we utilised this to disseminate the principles to other companies around Australia.

MFG coordinates and evaluates across multiple engineering projects, programs, and/or processes and is able to report high levels of opportunities to not only improve pricing but also quality of supply.

MFG will also be pragmatic about data collection and manage a correct policy regarding systems for all engineering operations. They also model a culture of professionalism that actively seeks to improve engineering operations, testing, and certification which benefit client outcomes.

The owner of 50 years, Peter Balassone has at staff, long serving and totally committed capabilities focused on ultimate service where clients are sought for long-term sustainability and as part of the organisation.

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