Let Strategic Management Secure Your Future

There is still an urgent need for businesses to be strategised and rebuilt around coherent business processes. To accomplish this, consideration still needs to be given to ‘re-engineering’. Even the most successful companies need to embrace and apply the principles of re-engineering or they will be overshadowed by those who do. Business re-engineering simply means applying and organising work today and given the demands of today’s somewhat volatile and unpredictable markets and the power of available technologies. How businesses do things today will not matter to the re-engineer. Re-engineering will capitalise on the same value adding strategies that have traditionally made Australia great.

In management thinking there is a huge tendency, and quite rightly, to rely heavily on information. This desire should not, however, blind us to the fact that information alone is insufficient. In addition to information we require ideas, and these ideas become the magnifying glass through which we seek out information. Ideas without information are meaningless yet information without ideas can still add some value to a business. The best combination for strategic growth is an abundance of benchmarked information supplemented by innovative ideas. Importantly we should never consider that collecting more information will do away with the need for ideas. Opportunities find areas needing ideas.

There is little doubt that today we have a huge problem through a lack of inspirational leaders. Our confidence in political leaders has diminished to a point where our entire democratic process itself is threatened. It is not just in politics that we have problems. Problems in the ethics and moral fabric of business leadership has also diminished. Our confidence in statutory bodies, trade unions and the legal system has been shaken by the failure of these institutions to cope strategically with demographic and cultural change. There is an urgent and ethical commitment which all leaders must lead by and set a true example to future generations. Leaders who we can all look up to in pride.

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