When I look back over the years and consider the more successful companies I have been associated with, particularly those who have been pro-active in securing a future, there has been a strong controlling influence. Leadership over management.

Managers are usually good at controlling the tasks their employees perform and how they go about them.

Leaders are those who change how employees think over how they behave. These innovative leaders influence the thinking patterns to include the here-and-now, the future, market opportunities and the changes needed to embrace all of this to achieve the desired outcomes for future success.

Leaders are usually people who employees want to follow and they have an ability to inspire confidence in the team which also includes an attitude of not resting on past successes because these will not necessarily guarantee a successful future.

Leaders are able to change based on the external and internal circumstances around them and have an ability to be responsive to market and economic challenges affecting their business.

We all live in an accelerating environment of change which can disrupt business outcomes, and by being so immersed in your company may lead you to lose track of innovations around you that would benefit forward strategic plans.

Leaders will always be looking outside of their individual businesses and get a larger view of new ideas by benchmarking local and international trends. There is no competitive advantage in being the same as those around you. Leaders look to set their business apart from competition. They look to give their business the WOW factor.

Leaders will not wait for the future to unfold before them or wait for a competitor to deliver some new idea.

Leaders are certain about what they can do and inspire others to come along with them

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