Leadership or Lack thereof

Come on Australia, you like me must be absolutely sick and tired of our political environment when our great country is begging for leadership which can inspire our future generations.

Where has the ‘lead by example’ gone where all Australians can be buoyed by bi-partisanship instead of this constant bickering between the major political parties in order to score personal brownie points and to secure votes at the next election.

What is totally perplexing is the continual criticism from politicians of any idea or concept that is not their own even if it is great for the nation.

Politicians these days have absolutely no accountability apart from losing their seats but still getting out with substantial super payments and other financial perks/benefits.

Surely now is the time to have a summit of governments (state & federal), unions, representative bodies, and businesses to establish the way forward and forget about politics and set about laying down a proper strategic business plan for Australia to take back what they have lost to overseas suppliers. Of course there will be a need for give and take, however, the end result is what is best for Australia and sustainable growth.

I have just seen a news segment where it showed Australia’s GDP had grown by 3.3%, but even this was not good enough for Jim Chalmers who sets out to criticise and confuse all the younger generation. Instead of giving some credit and then say what could have been done better, all we hear is juvenile criticisms from a person who was part of a team that pioneered the loss of the last election by his party.

The representations made by politicians now has gone beyond a joke and it’s about time that Australians generally got on their computers to register their concerns with our current systems.

Our competitive costs today are not conducive to competing on the world stage which if addressed in a bi-partisan way can re-establish Australia as a force on the world stage.

But our efforts must start today and it would do so much good to seen governments of both persuasions shaking hands across the dispatch box and saying we are in this together. We may not always agree, but lets take the selfish self-importance and point-scoring out of the public domain.

The question we should ask ourselves is ‘Would you employ any of those who are our current elected representatives’? (State or Federal)

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