It was about time I got the facts on reconciliation.

Since we received a great message from our Senior Pastor regarding reconciliation and accepting people no matter what nationality or Creed, and as a result of the mob protest on the weekend, I needed to know some solid researched facts about the racism that is used as a catalyst for illegal protests.

In the research, and by the way, I am bi-partisan on all of this, it was important that I was able to relay facts and not ideology to my grand children and future family.

It was so sad that the mobs in both Sydney and Melbourne were screaming obscenities at the police which was moronic and so dangerous.

As a researcher attested, the mob was clearly assuming that the police were too civilised to strike back. I wonder what the mob protesters would do when they arrived home to find it looted or their family attacked. Who would they call?

How sad is it that last summer the police saved countless people from bushfires and now they are being abused as racist murderers.

This mob mentality is also painting our police as so racist they cant be trusted. What an absoluteness immoral and absurd toxic claim. And how sad that not one of our premiers or police commissioners has publicly disagreed. It’s as if our ‘so-called’ leaders have lost faith in the moral authority of our states.

Do we all realise that this situation opens up an invitation for Anarchy?

Let’s now look at some truths about the sufferings of our indigenous peoples??

  1. Aborigines are more likely to be murdered by racist police – In fact the royal commission in 1991 found that Aboriginal people in custody do not die at a greater rate than non-aboriginal people in custody
  2. Aborigines are more likely to be jailed and that proves we are racist – Aboriginal women are more likely to be hospitalised by 22-35 times due to domestic violence and Aboriginal men are 10 times more likely to be convicted for murder
  3. David Dungay is now claimed to be Australia’s George Floyd – David died but a coroner ruled that no one was to blame as warders were trying to help and not harm. David’s heart gave out because of his complex medical conditions
  4. Up to 100,000 children were stolen from their parents just for being aboriginal – To date, the activists are unable to name even 10 such cases that have gone to court – Most were neglected, bashed, or unwanted. – Only one case has succeeded to date
  5. Yes, I totally agree that ‘Black lives Matter’ – I have had some extremely close aboriginal friends through football whom I have treasured. But when I hear that 950 indigenous people were murdered between 1989 and 2012 and the look at the facts, where the vast majority were killed by their own people.
  6. Finally, and as late as last month, an Aboriginal woman and mother of 2 was stoned to death and dumped in a wheelie bin, – Why no protests about this??

I would dearly love to support and assist wherever possible in the Australian endeavors to bring our peoples together. But we must act on facts and not ideology and/or mob hysteria. We must also respect the laws of our great Southland of the Holy Spirit which has added so much value to lives and well-being.

Let us all work hard to eliminate the stupidity and savagery that will tear Australia apart . But only if we let it.

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