Intelligent Leadership

There is plenty of evidence around today that would suggest our confidence in political leadership is diminishing where we could even argue that our democratic process could well be threatened. We could also argue that confidence in morals and the capability of business leadership is also diminishing?

Maybe there is some element of truth in the fact that this very impression which is being developed could be through ignorance and/or stupidity. Just maybe that ignorance, arrogance and stupidity are pretty much the same.

I am setting this post out due to my experience in a number of extremely difficult challenges where the downturns in business confidence has led to mass redundancies, lay offs, and personal trauma that has  had a lasting effect on me both emotionally and experientially.

The challenges we are facing collectively today and somewhere into the future are not fully realised as yet, however there is one thing that I do know and that is the demonstration of how Australians in general have united in accepting this challenge as one that will be progressively won through the support we give to our governments both state and federal who are trying their damnest to get us out the other side successfully.

Australians, I am so proud to say are experts in rallying to a crisis with a winning authority which has always set us aside from all other nations around the world. This we should all be so proud of.

What really annoys me in all of the great work we are doing together are the ‘naysayers’ who will criticise anything and everything that is trying to be done in the best interests of Australia’s collective future.

This is not a time to play politics or politicise the current challenges to anyone’s personal advantage. There are many of us who have been through tough times but have seen these moments in history as defining moments that have sharpened our thinking by teaching and demanding that we think outside of the usual sphere and come out with a different but better and more sustainable way of succeeding in life.

As we collectively move forward in support of each other and our leaders by putting stupid and immature politics aside, there are I have been taught that the basic elements to succeeding through a challenge apart from working even closer together are these:

  • Authority – Any successful outcome is dependent on a leader acting with authority and not autocracy. Let us respect the leaders by trusting them to lead us through this challenge
  • Purpose – A leaders authority ultimately comes from the purpose they are managing and if the purpose is good enough success will follow
  • Judgement – Australians know good judgement when they see it and it comes from the ability of a good leader to address a challenge with focused speed and complexity
  • Sanity – We should all understand the psychological pressure on leadership as they try to navigate through a challenge. They need to maintain sound judgement and constant uneducated criticism does not help with a positive outcome
  • Systems – Sound judgement usually stems from maintaining overall context of a situation even during the constant changes which happen not just daily but hourly
  • Intelligence – This comes from learning how to handle complex challenges and is usually a gift which has started from childhood. Intelligence in my opinion is derived out of a wide variety of influencers and/or activities in life
  • Encouragement – Good leaders are usually focused on the pursuit of valuable goals which will create circumstances which encourage and not discourage or worry others

Intelligent Leadership is all about followship. It is not confined to a narrow band of businesses but incorporates all businesses which operate according to the corporations law. We cant say through this, ‘but we are different’ – This is a ‘copout’ line that I have heard so much – Anyone who says this is a leader under some sort of doubt?

Let us all commit to addressing this current challenge with the intelligence I know Australia can provide. Let us all support and encourage not criticise and tear down.

We have had some sensational leaders throughout Australian history that have won through ingenuity and power. They have demonstrated national pride and great judgement and have succeeded through the constant critics.

Let us all commit to put criticism aside and instead look at the intellectual firepower we have in our leaders be they governments, industry heads, churches etc.

Leaders invariably fail because of us and our inability to encourage.

Let us lead the way and show the rest of the world how to do it.

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