Incompetent Management = Disaster

In the process of assisting many struggling businesses grow and profit during this terrible challenge we are traversing, there have been some really telling statements by industry and business heavyweights which I need to share.

In particular I want to use the some pointed observations and it all comes down to abysmal government management. These same principals should be taken on board as what not to do if you are to succeed in your business.

  1. Ensure you are pro-active and not reactive
  2. It is no good shutting the gate after the horse has bolted

The current disaster has been caused by the government itself and Victoria is actually becoming way under what it should be in the eyes of Australia’s other states and internationally. This just demonstrates what an incompetent government pane of 8 can achieve through mis-management.

This great state of Victoria has enjoyed around 30 years of economic prosperity, however this all ended this year and for no other reason than the curfews imposed by the government.

I suppose we can all go back to he mishandling of the Cedar Meats cluster and then worse, the foul up of the hotel quarantine. None of these were the fault of the public.

While other states have been pro-active in managing this virus, Victoria, unfortunately, has just been in unprofessional reactive mode which is a concept that kills business operations permanently.

Thirty years of prosperity ended in 6 months and sadly for many business owners this will be forever.

Victorians are worth more than what we are seeing from our leaders who to this date have not had the courage to admit ‘I MADE A MISTAKE’

We can bounce back from this situation, however it won’t be through any help from the government.

I see many businesses struggling die to cash flow challenges even when the business has grown in revenue year on year. But experience tells us clearly that growth cant be funded from cash flow.

I have also submitted applications to the banks for ‘non-secured’ government sponsored loans in support of cash flow management which clearly tick all the boxes an then get assessed by an academic who does all in their power to reject it.

The banks make themselves out to be our business ‘white knights’ when they are actually business doomsday administrators where the CEO’s get their handsome salaries and publicise the great support being offered when they are actually contributing to putting hard working businesses out of business.

There is simply no ethical assistance for those who have invested their life savings in a business which clearly contributes to the economy. But what does the government care?

Sadly, there is no accountability on governments and in reality, they wont be around to see the folly of their abysmal abilities to manage and set examples for coming generations.

All spin and no substance – Governments, Banks and the Public Service.

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