Improvements through Red Global Solutions

Just recently I did a review of the programme initiated at a business in Melbourne and it was pleasing to see that the initiatives that were strategised through the Business Review and subsequent Strategic Business Plan realised the following results in the first six (6) months:

  • Average monthly sales increased by 27%
  • Annualised sales projection to increase by 30%
  • COGS improved by 1.5%
  • Total expenses as a % to sales improved by 3.5%
  • Current assets improved by 35% with a strengthened balance sheet
  • Total equity improved substantially

The review process that is applied by Red Global Solutions looks at:

  1. Immediate Operational Improvements
  2. Short Term Strategies
  3. Long Term Strategies

All of the set strategies are prioritised and plans to turn these into reality are established through consensus and communication with all key stakeholders

The Outcome

Culminates in the main findings of the review process and sets out firm proposals for transformation of the business.

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