Give your Business a Leading Edge

Over the last 5 – 10 years I have seen numerous struggling businesses re-invent themselves through the professional advise of an experienced Mentor.

As a business owner you would be hard pressed to find a more valuable and inspirational asset to underpin a turnaround of operational performance than a mentor. You would be investing in future sustainability through someone successful, and you will profit from their wisdom and experience.

Mentors are people who can help you through the minefield of volatile business challenges via the value of their hindsight and insight. There is simply no necessity to re-invent the wheel with business strategies as these people have been there, done that, and made it happen through personal experience and success.

As a Mentor, I see myself as someone whose hindsight can become someone else’s foresight. Through experience, I focus on identifying breakthrough initiatives, transforming strategies into reality and making the necessary changes happen.

Experience can also offer improvement shortcuts and help you avoid common mistakes and quickly maximise the success of your business. It can also bridge the divide between where you are now, where you could be, and how you achieve reaching this goal.

As an independent advisor, a mentor will provide impartial, real-life perspectives on the true position of company performance. They can listen, ask questions, share views, and negotiate solutions. All of this is customised to meet the specific business needs for you. The CEO/Owner.

Mentors do not approach any business assignment with pre-conceived ideas. They will quickly get across every aspect of operations controlling financial outcomes, establish short, medium and long term strategies for sustainable success. They will also ensure that every part of their recommendations have total buy-in by all key stakeholders of the business.

I have always believed that in order to motivate and persuade others, you need to understand their points of view and how they feel in the current environment. By understanding what motivates employees or otherwise, a mentor can more effectively relate to them by demonstrating how they will benefit from the proposed forward strategies.

It is also important that all key stakeholders fully understand the consequences which may occur if changes are not made.

Experienced mentors are now even more critical to the success of Australia’s business network.

This is why Red Global Solutions has been able to impart turn around strategies for many businesses and led them to sustainable growth and profit through the development of people and processes.

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