Getting the Competitive Edge

Over the years I have continued to venture back to proven management techniques which provide and underpin growth and profit improvements for a wide range of businesses both for the national and international market places.

Management by Objectives has proven itself the most effective management technique over the decades and is still paramount for achieving a competitive edge which sets you apart from the competition.

I have always stated that we should respect the competition but not be afraid of it. Even my extensive times spent on overseas best practice trips and particularly in China, when you consider the ‘on-costs’ in sourcing from China, in such things as shipping time/additional stock holding, quality/engineering changes and the management thereof, Australia is almost level in the overall pricing.

Properly adapted, MBO has dynamic potential for businesses, individuals, and management to plan careers, set goals and then achieve them.

Businesses utilising MBO as an integral part of their Strategic Business Plan, including Marketing, Sales and Public Relations, are the ones with the best growth records and the fastest profit improvement.

MBO demands thinking out of the norm where you engage a great expansion of imagination where there is no limits to the thought process. You also need to engage a will for power over the market place as success cannot be won by everyone

In strategising to be competitive and to beat others you don’t need any specialised skill. You just need to recognise this aspect of business improvement is an absolute necessity. This is an exercise which positions you apart from the rest. Your influencing tool is imagination.

In looking at transforming your business and/or yourself, I am always available to assist as re-inventing the wheel is not value adding and time consuming.

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