Getting Communication Right

With the ever increasing use of electronic/social media there seems to be a concerning decline in the ability to communicate on a relational and professional basis.

Although it is never easy to define the correct steps in communication or exactly what needs to happen while it is taking place, it is prudent not to lay down too many basic but effective procedures.

I believe it is now about time that we redefine what communicating effectively really means and the positive impact this has if it is done correctly and relationally.

Communicating is all about transferring a message which is basically a unit of communication which carries a meaning capable of adding substantial value to the process. The effect of a communication will most certainly depend on the collective moods of the persons both sending and receiving the messages.

Understanding the message being given will often depend as much on what the receiver thinks you are saying compared to what you actually mean?

If people decode your message correctly by a proper acknowledgement either through a question or simply saying they understand, then you can assume your communication is working. Or is it?

To ensure both sides of a conversation are on the same page together, I have always found it best to ask the person I am communicating with to respond with their understanding of the particular subject. I then normally confirm the discussion with confirmation email.

When people notice how well you communicate with them, they inevitably reciprocate and do all that they can to understand you better. The relationship will also improve through a more positive attitude towards you and this will lead to a strengthened teamwork, where friendships often develop and deepen on a professional basis.

I have found that if people don’t understand why they are listening, you won’t gain as much from the communication as you will if you have a definite purpose in mind? Always make it clear that you understand the other persons point of view, even if you find you don’t agree with it.

In any form of communication always consider how you can say ‘Thank you for that information’ because this will affect the meaning given to what you say. Respect the fact there are at least two (2) persons in the conversation where voice tones and body language can have such a profound positive and/or negative effect on the outcome of your discussion.

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