Future Challenges

After hearing that 40,000 people had already decided to pack up and leave Victoria for other states and better business opportunities, it has now come to light that there could be a series of multi- million dollar lawsuits over coronavirus restrictions.

These actions could well cripple the state and be financially adverse to all Victorians and take decades of actions which will haunt the government and be a huge toll on our political system and credibility.

Victorian could well be liable to pay $billions in compensation as a number of businesses file to sue the state government over the devastating restrictions imposed on them which has not been the case in other states.

Swinburne’s law school Dean said everyday Victorians will be the ones left to pay any potential compensation and legal argument is likely to go on for years. These class actions together will be the biggest Australia had ever seen and be the biggest in Australia’s history by a magnitude of at least 10. It will dwarf any class action that has ever happened.

  1. In actions already underway, compensation is being sought for all businesses that have suffered losses due to the outbreak
  2. Another action, a supreme court writ has been issued on behalf of all Victorians who have lost their jobs
  3. 700 Jim’s Mowing franchisees are joining the multi-million dollar lawsuit resulting from stage 4 restrictions.
  4. Small Business Owners representatives has written to Worksafe seeking prosecution of the premier, 3 ministers, and 16 senior bureaucrats and 5 government departments for criminal breaches of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004
  5. A University professor has also warned Victoria’s tough new industrial manslaughter laws could have senior members of the government nervous as a result of the hotel quarantine inquiry

It is reported that the case against the government was strengthened by genomic testing which showed that 99% of second wave cases were linked to the hotel quarantine program and the senseless waste of this whole decision making made worse by allowing council gardeners to work.

The sad reality of all this debacle is the lock-down will extend beyond economic damage to physical and psychiatric harm.

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