Cost Reduction for your Business

One of my continuing successes in business coupled with my passion for Australian industry and their ability to compete on the world stage is the ability to assess operational aspects including costing with a view to lower cost to the market place but still improve profit, growth and sustainability.

A great many of the businesses I review have products and processes with enormous potential, supported by great financial management of accounts yet do not have their hourly rates calculated correctly.

I work closely with finance departments to ensure that not only correct quoting parameters are calculated and implemented, but movement in labour costs are monitored and adjusted regularly.

This approach also works in unison with an effective cost reduction/avoidance procedure where it is not unrealistic to share improved operating efficiencies/savings with clients. Can you imagine the marketing strength this approach to clients when quoting new business?

As I mentioned earlier, businesses must attack the opportunities of our national and international market place with a belief that Australia can more than compete with overseas giants.

Let us respect the Asian market might but not be intimidated by it. Australia has a unique ability to more than compete with the higher volume nations because our innovation leads the world.

I reach out to businesses small, medium and large in all fields of endeavour to allow me the opportunity to work with you to reach the heights of success you would not only aspire to, but I know you could achieve.

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