Managing through Covid and Beyond

As we manage our way through this terrible Covid-19 pandemic and do all that we can to develop sustainable growth and profit for our business investments, I am extremely worried by some statistics which have just been released which indicates that for February alone in Victoria there were 50 companies put into liquidation and 7 [...]

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Where are we going Australia?

Oh what a parlous state we are in where all Australians should worry and start questioning why governments are never held accountable for their respective actions/decisions until election times when they get thrown out and then sit back on their huge separation packages. Let's for instance look at Victoria and wonder how the premier is [...]

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When I look at the waste and mismanagement of politicians who should be and must be setting examples for the generations to come, I shudder to see what legacies we are leaving for them to struggle with. The decisions being made, and have been made by government over the past five (5) years must make [...]

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Australia v China

As we enter 2021 in the wake of this terrible virus pandemic and with the trade with China under real strain, I have to ask myself am I being naive to think that the more we trade with China the more they will embrace our values of freedom and democracy? I look at recent history [...]

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Australia’s Political Landscape

As a proud Australian, father and grandfather I continue to look around at our Australian leadership for the influence it should generally be projecting to our next generations. But oh how disappointed I am that unfortunately we have no one who we can use as a mentor or example of true inspirational leaders. I was [...]

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Leadership or Lack thereof

Come on Australia, you like me must be absolutely sick and tired of our political environment when our great country is begging for leadership which can inspire our future generations. Where has the 'lead by example' gone where all Australians can be buoyed by bi-partisanship instead of this constant bickering between the major political parties [...]

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Excelling in 2021 and beyond

Because of my passion and belief in Australian industry and its capabilities to adapt and compete on the world stage, I have put my experiences (both good and bad) into print so as to encourage businesses to take up the challenge of achieving sustainable growth and profit. Let us all be very determined to accept [...]

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Where has Victoria gone?

I have had the pleasure of doing business in Victoria for many years now and once felt a sense of pride to say that this great state was one equal to anywhere else in the world. In fact Victoria was fast on track to surpass some of the best industrialized countries. However, since the onset [...]

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Future Challenges

After hearing that 40,000 people had already decided to pack up and leave Victoria for other states and better business opportunities, it has now come to light that there could be a series of multi- million dollar lawsuits over coronavirus restrictions. These actions could well cripple the state and be financially adverse to all Victorians [...]

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What does the Future hold?

During this challenging time which is pandemic related I thought I would give my take on what the situation may be and where we go as a nation from here. As I do, this it is important for me to say that this is an a-political assessment based on my experiences over many years and [...]

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