Business – You had Better Change

As an extension to my last post, I believe it crucial that I should follow up with a best practice approach to change as a strategic intent to transform an organisation.

It is no secret that the most important challenge in corporate Australia today is committing to and managing change successfully.

Strategic change as I have stated previously is going about the change process based on a proven method, with intelligence  and wit sensitivity. But more importantly, it must be a process undertaken with the help of a proven performer who has led the way in best practice, lean, six sigma and world class human resource management.

A company’s prosperity depends on successful transformation with sights set on being the best of the best. Don’t re-invent the wheel, learn by those who have been there and done that. People/companies with personal achievement and success.

Strategic change management is in itself a special discipline with many interacting factors which demands it not be approached with a ‘business as usual’ attitude. This is why there needs to be guidance from an experienced operator.

There are a number of dynamics which foster change initiatives in organisations aspiring to be the ‘best of the best’

  • It must be driven from the most senior executive
  • All employees must have buy-in and ownership of the programme
  • All employees must have a passion and belief in the business, the products and the processes
  • There needs to be a common vision and shared commitment throughout the organisation
  • There needs to be an enthusiasm and high initiative for success
  • There needs to be a culture of continuous improvement
  • There needs to be a strong sense of employment opportunities at all levels of the organisation

The change process then becomes:

  • Integral to and focussed on the short, medium and long term strategies of the organisation
  • A catalyst for leading to high performance, dramatically improved results, and measurable differences
  • A support for properly empowered and motivated employees
  • A driver for specific customer needs
  • A framework for the most appropriate performance measures
  • A builder of sustainable revenue growth

The change process as I have know it is to set the scope for high-impact solutions by remembering that going the extra mile to involve all stakeholders in problem solving, knowledge sharing, and examining the progress, will always yield a better best practice result.

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