Business Success is Attainable

In business today, success will come from companies that are flexible, adaptive, innovative, responsive and who have invested in highly skilling their workforce. They will be focussed on and know their customer needs and the needs of the potential market the can service. I also believe they would invest time in developing productive links with other organisations capable of adding substantial value to individual supply chains. The ever changing marketplace and volatile economic climate necessitates a change in the way businesses manage, develop and involve their most precious resource. Their people. Plan to make all employees a marketable asset.

My experience has enabled me to assist many businesses turnaround from loss to profit and from negative to positive cash-flow. In any business it is not always smooth and positive to manage growth and development. There will be times of softening in the marketplace and in the absence of the right strategies, policies, procedures and more importantly people and culture, this situation could have dire consequences. when businesses have lost momentum, I objectively and critically analyse the situation and develop long-term plans to stabilise and revitalise bottom line results. I look to make outcomes exceed expectations for all key stakeholders.

It worries me that there is still a level of short sightedness in Australia today which I also class as our national characteristic for failing to apply ourselves to long term goals. Our weakness is thinking for today, thinking for the moment and not taking account of where we are, how we got here, where we need to go, and how do we collectively get there through a collective collaboration between business, government and unions. I am seeing a mentality which says when things get tough, lets change the rules, instead of summoning the discipline to work through what exists. The lead must come from the top.

But it can be done!

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