As we all traverse through this extremely challenging dilemma we are all capable of getting through this scenario if we encourage each other and put away the constant criticism that is leveled at those who have put their lives on hold to get Australia back to what we are best at. INNOVATION & BREAKTHROUGH.

When I was constantly travelling the world to look for better ways of engineering/manufacturing and competitive management, I would always reflect on the ingenuity of Australia in the way businesses could compete with other nations based on volumes and population. When we consider what Australia (25 million) achieved relative to export contracts against the USA (300 million), we could proudly set ourselves apart as the worlds best innovators. I believe.

We, as Australians, who are known as great innovators and not whingers, now face this next challenge of unraveling a new breakthrough and I put these points before everyone who believes they are up to the challenge.

No, lets not say that is a government responsibility, lets address this as how we can support our governments both state and federal to get through this. AND WE WILL.

When I look at BREAKTHROUGH this is what I see –

  • We will win because we are small and we stand positive against the odds – We will support our leaders and their structural changes
  • We will promote ideas which will also incorporate the best outside ideas – Why re-invent the wheel?
  • We will support our leadership both state and federal including a strong public support for their vision – We can also question their fundamental assumptions but do it in a constructive way that reaps positive outcomes

When we come out the other side of this challenge, we can all point to the success stories we all participated in even if it was to support our leadership.

It is during times like this that our experienced executives and future executives stand out from the crowd. These are people who cheer on the leaders and not sit back as arm-chair knockers of those trying their very, very best to manage us through to the other side.

If I could leave this post with my thoughts about a great leader and supporter:

  • They are truly excellent at figuring the situation out and listening to the experts around them
  • They can easily change directions which ensure the new direction adds value to the decision making process
  • They are great at juggling a number of balls at the same time
  • They perform extremely well under pressure and stand as a true example to others
  • They are driven and driven more to maintain focus and know immediately when they get off track
  • They are truly loyal

Let us all support our leaders to come through this challenge and in doing so build something great together.

Australians are all motivated by bold visions and challenges but also know that no man is an island.


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