As a proud Australian, father and grandfather I continue to look around at our Australian leadership for the influence it should generally be projecting to our next generations.

But oh how disappointed I am that unfortunately we have no one who we can use as a mentor or example of true inspirational leaders.

I was a regular viewer of federal parliaments question time on TV where I looked to get some insight of how Australia is heading for the future but now I am truly disgusted by the disgraceful rhetoric that is displayed by both major parties when this is a time there should be and must be bi-partisanship.

This entire political disgrace is a boom for our media who then blows everything and everyone to pieces by their socialistic view of Australia instead of professional balanced reporting.

I am also appalled by the way in which the government and media has handled the Afghanistan military situation with a suggestion of stripping citations away from so many who fought so hard to protect and uphold the decency of the armed forces.

I do not agree to being told to point a weapon at someone and extinguish their life in cold blood, but we must remember that our soldiers are making decisions under mortal threat in a climate where collateral damage is not unexpected.

In Afghanistan often the person shooting at you or looking to harm you is not a soldier with the same professional standards as our servicemen but could well be a 10-year-old who just doesn’t understand what he/she is doing?

Let us also not forget that a veteran takes their own life each week and this is something the government must be prioritizing for a royal commission. If Kevin Rudds pink batts debacle which killed 6 people justified a royal commission, how much more does our government owe to our service people?

Why are so many returned service members haunted so much by their experiences that they find it necessary to take their own lives when they return home?

Our media and governments must stop denigrating our soldiers over war crimes when the Afghan caliphate has killed more innocent victims than the SA ever did. Our soldiers are fighting a war where they just don’t know who the enemy is. An enemy with no uniform or morals.

But back to our current pathetic excuse for politicians. They are a disgrace as examples for the next generation and it is up to us all as Australians to hold them (State and Federal) to account and demand they set the example that is demanded.

The politicians in government now will not be around to be accountable for the decisions they have made or for the terrible impact for their mismanagement.

I look at the current projected debt of our federal government created as a necessity through the onset of Coranvirus. But then I look at the Victorian debt and how future governments will be hamstrung by what they inherit.

This $155b debt in Victoria is not supported by future revenues which can start reducing this number for at least 10 years.

To make matters worse on top of this debt is the hopeless management of Victoria’s infrastructure projects which are drastically behind time and over budget.

The truth is that the current Victorian government has lost the tremendous growth of the past 20-25 years which has hamstrung future generations which has put us on the road to financial disaster.

We must stop this this abysmal excuse for government behavior and start demanding politicians are held accountable for their actions/decisions.