As we enter 2021 in the wake of this terrible virus pandemic and with the trade with China under real strain, I have to ask myself am I being naive to think that the more we trade with China the more they will embrace our values of freedom and democracy?

I look at recent history within China and see that the human rights landscape has dramatically deteriorated whistle blower doctors have been incarcerated and they have provided totally misleading information to the World health Organisation.

There is strong evidence emerging now which rates the Wuhan Covid infections 10 times more than China has actually reported. Worse, is the fact that we are almost a year into this catastrophic pandemic and still don’t know how it began?

We should also not forget that there are disturbing reports coming out of China about forced labour camps, torture of political prisoners and persecution of christian minorities.

Those who have been brave enough to speak out about this Wuhan virus were unjustly arrested and there was one doctor who was arrested for making so-called ‘false statements’, jailed and two months after this he was dead.

Then there was reports of Zhang Zhan, a Chinese journalist and former lawyer who was tortured by secret police and sentenced to 4 years prison for reporting on the Chinese governments mishandling of the Covid-19 pandemic. Zhang believes she will die in jail and is still retained in restraints and fed through a nasal tube.

Australia is somewhat more fortunate than most other countries as we are an island nation where borders can be locked and do not abut to other countries like is the case in Europe.

It is now that we must look at the entire situation regarding our relationship with China and truly consider whether there are still opportunities to add substantial value within our trade circles.

To underpin these forward strategies we must now strongly hold our politicians of all persuasions accountable where the nations peoples lives and livelihoods are not being politicised for personal gains.

The performances of our politicians over recent years has been nothing more than appalling and I do wonder what we are leaving for future generations. Not one of our politicians, especially Liberal and Labor have led by example and shown bi-partisanship in managing the business we have entrusted to them. It’ still clearly a mates environment where we even have strongly identified losers on both sides making crucial decisions for our nation.

It is now about time the electorate demands accountable governance and truthful government.

We are all responsible for ensuring a solid legacy is left for the coming generations.