Accomplishing Growth & Profit

As a follow on from my last post I thought it important to reinforce the use of a mentor in the business, someone who is able to assist with the strategic, ideas development and direction including assisting in turning these ideas into reality. One of the most critical elements of creating the framework of a business with sustainable growth leading to healthy profit is the involvement of an ex executive who has been there, done that and can relate to all levels through personal experience and success.

There is simply no reason to reinvent the wheel, and although business products and processes may change, the principles of management are all the same.

I have been fortunate enough to become an accomplished performance turn-around specialist through my involvement with a wide range of industries which include engineering, manufacturing, IT, software development, property management/owners corporation, exporters/multi nationals to name a few.

This is where experience in properly developed due-diligence skills lift the ability to quickly assess all operational aspects of a business and together with the relevant executives, management and employees ascertain the true position to further commercialise capabilities in a best practice/lean environment.

After an in-depth and independent due-diligence review of a business utilising all key stakeholders the outcome will clearly show where the business is now, where the business could go, where the business should go, and how the business will achieve the identified strategies in the most economical way.

A business strategic review will culminate in the main findings of the diagnostic process and set out firm proposals for the sustainable transformation of operations. During this process, we work with all levels of an organisation where there is consensus by all key-stakeholders in support of the case for change and the development of a strategic business plan for implementing the growth and profit projections.

My professional management style through Red Global Solutions, has been based on extensive involvement in effective international bench-marking studies resulting in numerous industry awards.

The proof of utilising experience is unquestionable as is my belief in the opportunities that Australian business can take on the world providing they don’t try and invent the wheel.

I would love the opportunity to speak further on this subject at any time.

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