A Powerful Case for Change

There is an imperative and powerful case for change so that business can confront the volatile and demanding market prerequisite’s for sustainable success.

Strategic Change

  • Is integral to and focussed on the organisations strategic plan
  • Leads to high performance, dramatically improved results with measurable differences
  • Is underpinned by the innovativeness, energy and enthusiasm of employees
  • Is driven by exceeding customer needs and expectations
  • Is managed by a set of balanced and benchmarked KPI’s
  • Is a revenue builder and not solely focussed on cost
  • Is a foundation for a culture of continuous improvement

What do you Change?

  • Markets and customers
  • Products and services
  • Business processes
  • People and reward systems
  • Structure and facilities
  • Technologies

How do you start?

Assess Current Levels of Resistance to Change

  1. Perceived threat to job security
  2. Loss of expertise
  3. Needs to learn new skills
  4. Shifts in influence, authority and control
  5. Shifts in communication procedures
  6. Loss of business and social status
  7. Change in habits
  8. Limited understanding of the change and implications including a low tolerance for change

Assess Ability to Manage Transitional Change

  1. The support of key Leaders
  2. Vision of outcome to be articulated
  3. Assessing impacts on the organisation
  4. Promoting the change
  5. Encouraging stakeholder participation
  6. Communicating pro-actively
  7. Providing training and skills in change concepts
  8. Integration and management of al change activities
  9. Infrastructure to support the change programme
  10. Transition plan

Identify and Prioritise Key Impact Areas

  1. Culture – Values of the organisation
  2. Organisation structure
  3. Business processes
  4. Job design
  5. Skills and knowledge required
  6. Employee motivation
  7. Communication process
  8. Policies & procedures
  9. Human Resource Management
  10. Technology Interfaces

These are the guidelines I have used successfully to make companies internationally competitive and to build sustainable success.

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