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Improving the Quality of Work Life

In today's rough and tough business world and our (Australia's) ability to compete on the world stage, one important aspect of struggling businesses that I have experienced is that they have lost a focus on enhancing all employees quality of work life. Can I also say that one of the main reasons for this is [...]

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Why do Leaders Fail?

Businesses fail because their respective leaders and/or managers fail. Sadly there are many thousands of businesses which succumb via a bankruptcy or insolvency route simply because of a few basic but yet simple causes depending on the specific nature of the enterprise. No business or enterprise is immune from these failures and as I have [...]

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Communication – An Essential Business Requirement

As a manager you have a prime responsibility to achieve results through people, and yet, however sound your ideas or well reasoned your decisions may be they will only be effective if they are transmitted correctly and succinctly resulting in the desired outcomes which are 'value-adding' to all parties. Communication is one of your most [...]

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