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Make Managing Success Sustainable

In the process of developing operational business improvement/turnaround strategies it is critical that all options be carefully identified and evaluated. I guard against placing forward plans in a strategic straightjacket and pursuing the same strategies that have always pursued rather than stepping back, taking a fresh look at the strategic options available and adopting a [...]

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Strategise for Tomorrow

There is no doubt that many managers today really want to make a difference and look at having more influence with people in their business and marketplace. But a lot of these managers have stopped trying to make the necessary change happen because they believe it has all just become too hard. They even develop [...]

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The Power of Leveraging your Customer Base

The Power of Leveraging your Client Base I often wonder why more businesses do not strategise the leverage of their customer base. In my experience there needs to be a new thinking about this important area of potential growth. Do you see ‘Customer Loyalty’ as an integral part of your strategic business plan and perhaps [...]

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