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How do I grow & get back to Profit?

I have found in my assisting companies to regain sustainable growth and profit, there is a failure to understand or interpret variation for either their original strategic intent, budget, business plan or commitment to continuous improvement. It is essential for a business to predicate future success on the depth of knowledge that exists within the [...]

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Businesses fail through Poor Management

Businesses fail because managers fail and sadly there will be many operations which eventually succumb to bankruptcy. There are those that remain solvent but are unable to realise a profit sufficient to make a continuation of business worthwhile. And then there are those businesses which fall well short of their full potential. Failure to reach [...]

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Regain Lost Competitiveness

Companies can't regain lost competitiveness just by cutting overheads. Success is not all about the 'Quick Overhead Fix'. In my experience it is all about measuring the past as part of positioning for the future and establishing a financial control process to analyse differences between the plan (budget) and actual on a daily basis. Industry [...]

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Strategic Competence

I have learned that it is only the experienced and most savvy companies, who by trial and error, inherit the strategic competence to achieving steady and profit enhancing growth. They are asset rich in having managers who can identify breakthrough initiatives, establish improvement strategies, and then transform these strategies into reality to make change happen. [...]

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Expel mature age experience at your peril

It is absolutely amazing how many of the dynamic managers of today believe they have it all together and then find that although they have all of these new sales coming in there is still a shortage of cash. In my experience and when I am invited to review their businesses, there is immediate evidence [...]

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