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When I look back over the years and consider the more successful companies I have been associated with, particularly those who have been pro-active in securing a future, there has been a strong controlling influence. Leadership over management. Managers are usually good at controlling the tasks their employees perform and how they go about them. [...]

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Getting Communication Right

With the ever increasing use of electronic/social media there seems to be a concerning decline in the ability to communicate on a relational and professional basis. Although it is never easy to define the correct steps in communication or exactly what needs to happen while it is taking place, it is prudent not to lay [...]

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Using Complaints & Criticisms to your Advantage

When you are confronted with either a complaint or criticism there can be a tendency to withdraw and question yourself, your identity or your purpose. However, you can use feedback like this as a personal developmental tool rather than accepting it as a sensitive attack on your person. It is so easy to be hurt [...]

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My Failures have been my best Assets

When I look back over history and look at some of the worlds best achievers, they are those who have fallen over in failure not once but many times. They are people who have not necessarily gained great academic success yet have gone on to achieve their places among the world's great successes. All of these [...]

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