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Traditional Management Must Change

The volatile and competitive market we are faced with today confirms we live in a time of change and these challenges abound continuously. But one thing is certain, to survive and thrive, we must not fear them, we must respect them by increasing our abilities in innovation and creativities Success today and into the future [...]

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Make every employee a Marketable Commodity

One of the highest priorities in my Strategic Business Plan was to make those employees who wished to be trained a marketable asset. In saying this, I also initiated a highly effective communication policy which encouraged both skilled and unskilled people to aspire to a multi-skill classification. I have always said that people don't come [...]

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The Power of Leveraging your Client Base

I often wonder why more businesses do not strategise the leverage of their customer base. In my experience there needs to be a new thinking about this important area of potential growth. Do you see 'Customer Loyalty' as an integral part of your strategic business plan and perhaps even re-think creating a customer loyalty programme [...]

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Everyone Deserves Quality in their Worklife

Australia, like many other advanced industrialised countries, is experiencing significant changes in traditional attitudes towards the value and meaning of work, relationships between employers and employees and the ever increasing efforts of unions to ensure their members are protected. The increasing demands paced on employers today in light of so much increased international competition and [...]

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Be a True Inspirational Manager

With the economic balance of Australia changing rapidly primarily due to the decline in government mining revenue, there needs to be a real shift for managers and staff to become more innovative and entrepreneurial. Failure of management to recognise the ever changing landscape or to plan for predictable problems will bring an absolute waste of manpower, materials and [...]

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