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Attaining Business Excellence

I have espoused the importance of a strategic business plan (SBP) for years now and the critical part they play in any company committed to attaining business excellence. This level of operational excellence will be achieved through a live, workable and measureable SBP and will underpin the journey towards improving productivity and performance at all levels of a [...]

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Time to set Goals

Having a set of long term goals is an essential part of both personal and business development. But this will hardly do much to define what you should do today and tomorrow. You need a system of strategies which define tasks you need to spend most time on and those to which you need to [...]

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Regaining Lost Competetiveness

I have certainly learnt over the years both personally and through business experience around the world that companies can't regain lost competitiveness by just costs. To rely on incremental cost cutting to be competitive will ultimately lead to an unsustainable future for a business. In reality, by strategizing to just mechanically eliminate chunks of the [...]

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Another Assignment Completed

I am now about to complete another assignment which has seen tremendous results achieved, but more so, I too have gained further valuable experience. It is so true that in life I can never stop learning and I will never be satisfied with the status quo. Like I espouse to so may people, always look [...]

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The Importance of Company Values

In all of my global travels and how I have structured my approach to making a business successful, you need breakthrough initiatives. Initiatives which are innovative but well thought out strategically. Every breakthrough company started with well communicated company values. I have always made the company values a high and critical success factor with each [...]

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Managing Strategic Change

As a successful business turnaround consultant, I have found that many CEO's are oblivious to the need for ongoing operational reviews in all aspects of their business. Many believe their success will be sustainable and profits will continue to role out and satisfy all key stakeholders. How totally incorrect can you be. When a CEO [...]

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Improving Operational Efficiency – No Matter what the Business is

My experience and success in turning a business around to be totally efficient and to ensure people and asset utilisation is at 100% is to first obtain the employees explicit understanding of and commitment to the idea that productivity improvement is mutually beneficial. I placed paramount importance on best practice industrial engineering where standards were established [...]

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Measuring Performance

Experience shows me that business leaders today are almost constantly testing and expanding on their company's strategies. However, in many cases I have seen, they do not question and rework their company's performance measures with the same level of enthusiasm. Performance measures monitor a company's progress against budgets and their strategic business plan. It also [...]

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Make 2017 the year to regain Momentum

As we enter another challenging year it would be a distinct advantage for CEO's and business leaders to take a new look at their organisations with a view to past performance and what they need strategically to set them apart from competition. Competition be it locally, nationally and/or internationally. Could your business do with a [...]

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Make 2017 the year to refocus and establish 2017/2018 budgets

Although budgeting may be seen by many business people as a daunting activity, 2016 should be the year to start seeing it as having the potential for being the CEO/Managers most valuable planning and management tool. It must be seen as an asset which adds substantial value to the future decision making process of the [...]

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